Training and Workshops

NBACL offers a variety of Training and Workshops.

PATH Training
PATH is a person-centred planning tool that helps individuals plan for their future. Used widely with persons who have a disability though not limited to this use, the process involves a carefully ordered structure that uses graphics to focus energy and support memory. PATH also identifies supports and people that will help to accomplish the goals identified, guiding the individual toward the future they desire. PATH outcomes are achieved through a collaborative process by first planning backwards, from the vision of a desirable future to a detailed action plan.

Sexcess Training
Sexcess supports individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability in achieving healthy sexuality and relationships. We are all sexual beings; however, there is often an uneasiness discussing sexuality, particularly as it relates to persons with an intellectual or developmental disability. Sexcess is a 3 day training designed to give you real-life tools to support an individual in achieving healthy sexuality and in developing positive relationships. This training will also increase confidence in ability to provide accurate and relevant information.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training equips you with skills, confidence, and an effective framework to safely manage and prevent difficult behaviour. This training benefits: Behavioral Health Professionals, Educators, Health Care Professionals, Human Service Professionals and Service-Oriented Professionals.
Be part of something big and join thousands of other organizations in creating a safer workplace. Give staff the skills to resolve crisis moments and be confident in knowing how to choose the least restrictive intervention. Create a culture of empathy, compassion, and respect. 

Focus on Inclusion

The Focus on Inclusion Program, in partnership with the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, periodically delivers inclusion training to childcare staff, community partners, and parents. These trainings equip early childcare staff with the tools and resources to support children with a disability and/or additional need in a childcare setting. All trainings are essential for providing a high quality, inclusive childcare environment for children, families, and staff. For additional information on any of the following trainings, please contact your local Early Learning Inclusion Facilitator or Manager of Early Learning & Inclusive Childcare.

Each Child Matters and Ideas, Tools & Strategies for Inclusion
Each Child Matters and Ideas, Tools & Strategies for Inclusion is an inclusion training guide for early childhood educators, directors, other professionals and parents who work to develop and/or sustain quality inclusive early childhood environments. This training consists of 26 hours and is typically done in two weekends. Participants will receive a copy of the Ideas, Tools & Strategies for Inclusion guide that highlights specific strategies and resources early
childhood professionals can use while supporting children with a disability or additional need.

Engage, Reflect & Plan
This 8 hour training will assist early learning staff to explore creative ways to actively engage with children and their families. The importance of using reflection as an effective strategy that can assist when planning for all children to actively participate in their early learning experience is a main focus within this training. Engage, Reflect & Plan is an opportunity to learn more about how to engage with all children and families, how to reflect on practices and principles in order to enhance inclusion strategies, and how to plan for individualization in early learning environments so all children can fully and
meaningfully participate.

Quality Inclusion Measurement Tool
SpeciaLink’s Quality Inclusion Measurement Tool (QIMT) is used to assess inclusion quality in early childhood centres and for helping centres move toward higher quality inclusion.  This 12 hour training provides participants with direction and practice on how to score specific principles and practices of inclusion
based on what can be observed in early learning environments. Over 3000 Canadian early childhood professionals have been trained to use the QIMT. It has
become a mandatory measure of inclusion quality in most provinces and it is a recommended tool in others.

Moving Inclusion Forward
Moving Inclusion Forward is a 14 hour training opportunity that will increase leadership in inclusive practices, provide an introduction to policy development, and discuss the key elements of sustaining a quality inclusive environment. Participants will receive an over view of the rights of children, the rights of persons with disabilities, and the importance of including these policies within their centre practices and philosophies. Moving Inclusion Forward is the fourth piece of training offered by NBACL.

Those who have completed all trainings offered by the association will receive a 60 hour inclusion excellence certificate.

Inclusive Education Kindergarten to Grade 12 – Professional Development

NBACL supports educators of students with an intellectual disability within New Brunswick’s school system to ensure that students are able to be successful in reaching their educational goals. We do this through school-based training (one-on-one, small or large groups). We also offer training sessions to educators and educational assistants where participants come away with practical tools and strategies for enhancing inclusion. We have also developed several resources such as Creating an Inclusive School, a reflection document on Inclusive Education. This tool assists educators in reviewing their strengths and challenges as a starting to point to enhancing and improving inclusion in their school. To learn more about supports for educational professionals, please contact the Manager of Inclusive Education.

Creating an Inclusive School
A Reflection Tool for Administrators, Educators and Other School Staff
Creating an Inclusive School is a resource designed to motivate school communities to promote, create and sustain inclusive schools throughout New Brunswick. It is intended to help nurture the development of rich and inclusive educational settings that respect and value diversity, promote belonging for every student, and ensure that students receive a quality education in common learning environments.

Circle of Friends
Circle of Friends is a school-based program where students of all abilities meet as a group to form friendships. Circle of Friends is student lead and includes planning activities that facilitate friendship building. Students of all abilities benefit by learning about each other and themselves. NBACL offers free training to educators, EA’s, or volunteers interested in facilitating a Circle of Friends Program within a school.

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