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$50,000 needed in 10 days!

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Happy Little Faces Daycare-9Our Inclusive Education team works in schools across our province with students, parents, educators, paraprofessionals and principals to ensure that children who have an intellectual disability have the support they need to learn, grow and reach their fullest potential alongside their peers.

  • We have two staff members who are available to work in any of the 320 schools across the province, and this past year has been a busy one:
  • NBACL provides school-based training, on-site consultation, and professional learning opportunities. Our Inclusive Education team provided training in more than 20 schools over this past year.
  • NBACL has supported over 100 educators and para-professionals working in the school system to increase their capacity to implement inclusive practices.
  • This past year, more than 150 families were supported by the Inclusive Education team. Our staff provided Thermometer_Progress_fill_week 3information, attended meetings in schools and connected families to essential community resources.
  • In 2016 we received a record number of National Inclusive Education Award nominations from across the province. The nominations were excellent, and we know that great things are happening in New Brunswick in the public school system.
  • NBACL hosted an Inclusive Education conference for over 70 families from across the province. This opportunity equipped families with information on various topics including rights and advocacy, transition planning, assistive technology, healthy relationships and new developments in inclusive education.

Please Give

We need your help. Our long time funding source for the Inclusive Education program will be ending in a few short weeks. New Brunswick has a world-class inclusion policy, but supports are needed to ensure it is properly implemented. Last year 21 inclusion facilitator positions were eliminated across the province, and the demand for our Inclusive Education team’s expertise is continually increasing. NBACL is faced with a gap of $50,000 which needs to be closed by March 31st. That is in 10 days.

If we don’t close this gap, one of our two positions in the Inclusive Education program will be eliminated. That means that one NBACL staff member will be responding to calls from families and schools across the province. Teachers and students will be without the supports they need to be fully inclusive and included. We need your help. Please donate generously today.

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Please Give

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